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A rant that will no doubt piss off alot of women... Sorry ladies


Okay¸ I’m going to say something that I’m sure will piss off a lot of people… Okay, a lot of women, but being a woman myself, I will say whatever I want.

Here it goes.

I really disagree with this new “men should change the way they view women, so women can wear skimpy clothes and not feel…

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    I Lived


Hope when you take that jump,

You don’t fear the fall,

Hope when the water rises,

You build a wall.

Hope when the crowd screams out,

They’re screaming your name,

Hope if everybody runs,

You chose to stay.

Hope that you fall in love,

and it hurts so bad,

The only way you can know,

Is give it all you have.

And I hope that you don’t suffer,

But take the pain,

Hope when the moment comes,

you’ll say,

I, I did it all

I, I did it all,

I owned every second,

That this world could give,

I saw so many places,

the things that I did.

Yeah, with every broken bone,

I swear I lived

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